Fun and Profit for Being a Dumbass

ReganMedia Acquires Rights to the Jennifer Wilbanks-John Mason Story for a half of a million dollars. A half million for cold feet and lying to the police and leading the nation on a cross country search. Profit from deceit, it's the new American Dream.

I'm uninterested in her "story" and would hope that they lose every damned penny they paid for this schlock crap. Are you interested in what made this idiot bug eyed moron run away from her redneck moron fiance and then lie to the police that she'd been abducted? Do you want these idiots to make a half million dollars for being utter fucking idiots?

I know I sure don't.

Fuck, Deep Throat's only gonna make a million for blowing the lid off of one of America's greatest coverups of all time. His story is only worth twice this schlock crap faux-romance? Bullshit.
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