Four Legged Love

I just wanted to share this shot of Nande from a week or two ago. I love her pose, love her expression and really like how using the sepia increased the drama in the photo.

This morning we had a whole family walk with P pushing Graydon in the jog stroller (though it was set for slow cruise with the swivelling front wheel) and me trying to keep Nande under control when she saw the crazy lady and her huge old German Shepherd. She's not really crazy but she does a reasonable fascimile of it. Nice enough though.

The brush and grass is so tall now that Nande can't track the rocks very well at all and ends up just charging in and then charging back out. This morning Nande got a blade of wheat on her eye and it was creeping me out mightily, made worse because she didn't even seem to notice it was there. But she was a good dog, didn't even try to go and sniff the pit bull's backside as he was walked by.

And she sure is a great looking hound!
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