The Face of Evil

Hearing Held for Notorious Canada Inmate, Karla Homolka, the woman who drugged and served up her own 15 year old little sister to her serial rapist asshole husband, Paul Bernardo, to rape as a Christmas present. That should be plenty to tell you that this woman doesn't deserve even a moment of freedom ever again. But it gets worse.

During the drugging and raping, which Karla took an active part in, Tammy Homolka vomited, choked on it and died. Then Paul and Karla went off on a raping and killing spree. Bernardo was eventually charged and convicted of 13 rapes and is never getting out of prison.

But Karla cut a deal with the police before the facts were known about how complicit she'd been in the crimes. Karla has also now legally changed her name to Karla Leanne Teale. The police hope to charge her with some of the other crimes that hadn't been included in her original indictment. One of her prior rape victims wants to pursue a case against her and put her ass back in prison for the rest of her life. And there's the other part of me that would like to see some street justice for her. Let her out, set her free and someone pops a cap in her fucking head.

Previously touched on here. Why does this stuff bother me so much? Because it is so senseless, because it is so despicable, because it is justice undone and because people like Karla and Paul do not deserve to continue to exist given the havoc they wreaked on people and families. Are there mitigating circumstances? Sure, Bernardo was a control freak who used Karla as a punching bag on many occasions, even putting her in the hospital but fear of violence does not make you commit such horrific acts of violence on young women or anyone for that matter.

Alot more information about this thoroughly disgusting pair and three of the murders they were convicted of carrying out is available here.

By the way, there's a movie being made about these two called Deadly. Thierry left a comment below about how to register your disgust with the sensationalizing of these brutal rapes and murders.
How to boycott the movie "Deadly":
- read and sign the petition
- boycott movie theaters that decide to show this movie and tell them why you are boycotting their theatre
- boycott entire cast future movie & tv productions (see movie cast for Deadly)
I'm not sure how boycotting the cast of the movie in their future productions would make the point but I can for damned sure see the effectiveness of letting the producers and profiteers know that this sort of movie isn't wanted.

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