Dog Notes

When we go running in the morning, the wheat in the field we run in is in full bloom right now with all of those millions and millions of little hangers on that are brushed free by the action of Nande sprinting through them.

And she comes out with a head covered in the little things. Sometimes its pretty funny but other times, its a little gross. Like when she comes out and there are four or five of them resting in the middle of her eyeball and she doesn't notice. She just wants more rocks to chase into the brush.

It doesn't seem to bother her but it sure does look weird.

And what's with all the dog attacks recently? Another pit bull attack last night in the Bay Area after last week's fatal mauling of the 12 year old and there was another minor event last week outside our house with the two mop dogs down the street and a 96 year old lady walking her two dinker hounds. They charged, hers retreated and she was dragged down to the ground pretty violently. P brought her some ice for her elbow as it was swelling quite badly. But she also saw her again yesterday, out walking her dogs again so it appears that she's okay.
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