Dear Jacko Fans

Yes, your precious sleeps with kids while drunk superstar freakshow Jacko was found not guilty of molesting yet another child. Celebrate your "victory" and watch him return to his freakish ways at speed. Though I'm sure he'll be alot more careful about who he chooses to victimize the next time. Maybe he'll slip him some Ruphies in his liquored up Gatorade to help aid the mental wipe process.

You didn't win anything, he won nothing but his freedom though he doesn't deserve it. Alot of money, high priced attorneys and crappy prosecuters doesn't mean he's innocent. It just means that they weren't able to convict him this time. But once a pedophilic kid touching douchebag, always a pedophilic kid touching douchebag. They'll get him eventually. He'll get another kid drunk and fondle him and his family will come forward.

I read an interesting comment about this case which, to paraphrase, went something like this. Any parent that is irresponsible enough to leave their child alone with Michael Jackson has an agenda that they're hoping to serve by allowing the freak to molest their kid, therefore, leaving their child alone with him is a form of entrapment. Which presupposes alot but is, essentially, pretty accurate. And a lovely defense against future allegations of sexual misconduct with children.

Is it possible that all these charges are just a horrible misunderstanding and Jacko's just a child-like character anyway and there's really nothing sick or amoral going on? Sure, its also possible that my farts smell like roses.
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