Be Careful Which End You Use

From Morford's latest column, the Gillette : Venus Vibrance - if there were a dildo that grew a razor out its butt, this would be it.

Best bit? "one of them placed the new Vibrance razor on the conference table and turned it on and they all watched it buzz and bounce around like a sorority girl on Red Bull".

Um, hello? Why is the vibrating part in the wrong end (see the men's version) if this isn't a cheap stupid vibrator? Whoever greenlighted this joke razor should be fired and then forced to use one of these ridiculous pieces of shit.

I'd really like to ask them just what they were thinking or what they were smoking when they decided to actually produce this. Its a razor, its a sex toy, its a self inflictable cliterectomy device. And this is a truly dangerous sex toy if you've been drinking, that's for sure. You could wake up with a completely re-landscaped "secret garden".
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