Work Vent

My is pissing me off no end right now. I'll have to keep it vague to keep from getting busted but fucking A people, if you sign a contract, live up to the contract and fulfill your end of the fucking bargain.

Don't wait until after your deadline and then demand more money. Don't stop working to wait until you hear about your demands. Do the fucking work, don't bitch about it and discuss your issues the next time around. You signed a contract, that contract is binding and then you wait until your more than two weeks late to complain? Nice fucking work.

Oh yeah, and dude who used to work here but quit a couple of years ago because NDA's scare you. Yeah you, who took a part time job as a data cruncher for a HALF A DAY and quit because you weren't getting paid enough. Yeah you. Don't be a fucking twit and do be a stranger.

And, last one, dude who looks like a lady, dresses like a lady but has a voice like a man (and an adam's apple to match)? Yeah, good fucking luck getting a job as a receptionist. Are you out of your goddamned mind? I respect your lifestyle choices and all but that doesn't mean you're going to get hired to be the face of our company. Oh yeah, and that yellow dress really did nothing for your figure.
Venom -1

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