When Victory Equals 20 Years in Prison

When the alternative is either execution or life imprisonment then yes, a 20 year sentence is a victory or sorts.

Bali court sentences Corby to 20 years in jail for smuggling in nearly 9 pounds of marijuana into a country that does not do well with drug smugglers.

If the drugs were planted then she got a really crappy raw deal but if she tried to pay for her holiday by being a mule then, sorry sweetheart, but you did get off easy. Its hard to believe that someone would be stupid enough to try and smuggle such a large quantity of drugs into a country with such draconian laws against smuggling. But people will do the damnedest things.

If you'd like to get pretty incredibly depressed at the depths of depravity that people will stoop to, check out the story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Two people which I can honestly say deserve to be fed, feet first, into a chipper/shredder for their crimes against the universe. Begun with drugging and raping and accidental death (and videotaping) Karla's 15 year old little sister, Tammy Homolka and continuing on down the line. These people are filthy scum and they've made a movie about it. Lovely.
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