When is a Drug Smuggler Not a Drug Smuggler

or, Hindsight is a BITCH!

Generally no one gives a damn about some one who's been caught smuggling drugs, they knew the risks, they took their chance, they got caught, game over, see you next life (especially if you are stupid enough to smuggle drugs into a country where they EXECUTE drug smugglers).

But not if you are Schapelle Corby, an Australian caught with 9 pounds of marijuana and trying to enter Indonesia. , you see, is hot. She's a very attractive white woman and therein lies the conundrum. Can you imagine a movie like Midnight Express being made with a woman as the protagonist? Hell no.

She says she's innocent, which may be true but its kind of ridiculous to feign innocence when you've got a pretty huge amount of drugs with you. Have you seen a single pound of weed? Its alot of material, nine pounds, even compressed, would not be something you could easily overlook.

She also "found God" while awaiting trial which is supposed to make you feel bad for her and that maybe she's learned her lesson and should be allowed to go free. But the God defense bothers the fuck out of me. She needed to get caught to figure out right from wrong? Bullshit. She found God because she knows its an easy way to win over a huge proportion of fanatical believers who just might take on her cause.

She should have hedged her bets and "found Allah" and "found Buddha" as well but its harder to find so many Gods.

Does she deserve to be in prison for the rest of her life or executed for smuggling some dope? Probably not, marijuana shouldn't be illegal in the first place but that's not the point. The point is, she should have fucking known better. And, now that she got caught and is, literally, facing death, she's repentant and all God fearing and shit.

And if she had made it through customs with her 9 pounds of weed, she would have laughed her ass off and partied like a rock star. Instead, she got popped and that's it, game over. At least you'll go down in history as to what NOT TO DO when travelling, at least to Indonesia and other countries where they have incredibly strict laws concerning drugs and smuggling.
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