What Did You Do This Weekend?

The Floor Before
Well, I started with a living room floor that looked like the pic on the left (click it for a bigger shot). And when I was finished, after one big, big long day on Saturday and about half of Sunday, we were left with a floor that looks like this. This project didn't leave too much time for much else for the weekend and we've got a fair amount more work to take care of before we can fully cross it off the list.
The Floor After

The work involved was a bit more than I'd expected but it still went by pretty quickly. The biggest time suck that I hadn't really accounted for going in were the tacking strips from the old carpet. They were nasty and well entrenched after being there for 18 years. That and the crap we cleaned up before laying down the new floor was gross as hell.

It feels good to look at it now and know that I put it there. And the funny thing now is that the couch basically glides across the floor. We're going to fix it soon but for now its kind of funny to stand up and have to put the couch back where it had been.

The other big home front news is that we now have the final piece of furniture on order. A big ottoman that will double as coffee table and will give us much more use out of the couch and the space. I can't wait!
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