Things You Don't See Everyday

There's something about commuting, about being stuck in a metal cage on a freeway (HA!), not moving or moving very slowly, that just grates on one's nerves and makes even the calmest person edgy and edgy people go nuts!

Things I see in traffic do not encourage any belief in the fundamental good nature of man. I have seen, as I'm sure many of you have, people be utter and complete assholes to cut people off to be one car length further ahead of where they would have been if they'd behaved like civilized people instead of assholes. I've seen people make incredibly poor decisions to change lanes without looking and end up launching their car into the air to land on its roof (that was an interesting drive home). I've come around a corner on Highway 17 to see a freshly flipped Porsche 911 slowly, ever so slowly rotating around on its roof with the driver still belted in and looking, um, upset and scared.

But this morning was a new one for me. I couldn't help but notice the hippy wagon, an old VW bus pretty much completely covered in painted graffiti. Political slogans, cliches, inside jokes and the like. The driver was a typical Santa Cruz hippy dude, dread locks, lots of necklaces and bracelets and the like. One might assume that he was a potentially enlightened character.

Not so.

As I came up behind him, I saw him extend his left hand out the window and flip the bird and then try to push/shush the car in front of him forward. Because the car in front of him was going about half the rest of the traffic's speed and a gap of several hundred feet had opened up in front of it. I can understand the hippy's frustration. But the occupant of the slow car in front of him? A kindly looking little old lady (obviously not from Pasadena with a white gardenia). She didn't seem troubled in the least by the angry hippy, not even when he took to flashing his lights and making more hand gestures.

So yeah, I didn't expect to see a hippy flipping off an old lady but there it was. Sort of put things in perspective.

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