So Now They Don't Hate, They Just Waffle

Microsoft Reverses, Will Back Gay Rights

Microsoft, showing just how tough they really are, caved to a new set of demands and accusations, this time from those sleighted a couple of weeks ago by Microsoft pulling their backing of legislation in Washington that would have given equal protection to same sex partners as hetero married couples.

Well now, they're deciding that they will back such legislation in the future. Not like the damage isn't already done, right? Oh, wait, shit. Nevermind. Too fucking late, you moronic shitty company. The vote was just after you announced your removal of support, the legislation died and now you want to say you're really for same-sex rights? Well, isn't that just conveni-fucking-ent?

Looks like Microsoft is trying to have it both ways (would that make them bisexual?) by appeasing an asshole pastor and then trying to appease some justifiably pissed off queers. I hope both groups boycott the damned company.

Actually, I've been wishing that everyone would just decide to boycott the shitty company. But, as Jay notes, they are a company that gets ahold of their clients by the balls with a deathgrip that makes removal expensive, painful and lengthy.

Microsoft isn't a company people willingly do business with, they are the necessary evil. Because of their market share, they are the target, because they produce shit software, they are also a target.
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