Schlock Wars: The Merchandising Tidal Wave

Keep hyping, keep pushing, keep forcing the latest Star Wars into my face and you know what will happen? The opposite of what you want. I will strangle off any interest in the movie, I will boycott businesses that are helping to push, push, push the schlock, the figures, the marketing tie-ins, the over hyped monetariness of the whole goddamned spectacle.

I'm tired of movies being nothing more than marketing vehicles for merchandise sales and for promotions at Taco Bell.

Lucas is a sellout who can sellout because he's got legions of fans who wouldn't give a damn if he made three more Star Wars movies about nothing but Chewie's flea issues.

I'm unlikely to go and see the movie in the theatre so I'm sure they could give two shits about my boycott. But it would be nice to get a large group of people together to tell Hollywood and George Lucas that enough is fucking enough. Ease back on the megahype, ease back on the marketing and ease back on the plot development being dictated by the ability to sell more goddamned plastic teddy bears.
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