Ready, Steady, Cheddy

Herewith I offer my Cheesignation.

1. Who's your favorite talk show host?
Jon Stewart followed closely by the now retired Jerry Springer.

2. Late night talk show?
Conan's alright, Letterman's tired, Leno's hit or miss, Kilborn's a boorish prick, Kimmel should have stayed on the Man Show or writing jokes for someone else. I'm sure there are a dozen I'm not even touching on but who cares, none of them are very interesting.

3. What's your favorite drama?
Toss up between Law & Order:SVU (grraaar Mariska Hargitay!) and CSI. I'd normally say The Shield but I don't count that as drama, more like hyper realism stylized action.

4. Favorite comedy?
The Daily Show or South Park.

5. Least favorite show or genre?
Anything having to with American Idol. Though I also loathe garbage like Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond and Will & Grace (exhausted stereotypes anyone?).

6. Most unlikely show you like?
Antiques Roadshow.

7. Most unlikely show you thought you'd like but really hate?
24. Its got all the ingredients and then I watched it and was like "This is awful and badly executed and stupid."

8. Worst reality show?
Fox News wins the prize but there have been some colossally awful reality shows.

9. Best reality show (if it exists)?
Survivor, its good entertainment combined with pretty people in skimpy clothes in remote locations getting pissy at each other.

10. Best tv innovation?
Tivo without a doubt.

11. Who's the hottest person on tv (take that as you will, sexiest, most famous, whatever)?
I think I'm going to have to say Jenn on Survivor Palau. She's one of the people that looks great when they should be looking their worst. And I wonder what she'll do without Gregg to protect her tonight?

12. Who's got a face for radio?
What his face, the guy from Hannity and Colmes who looks like the Crypt Keeper, I think its Colmes. He should wear a mask or something.

13. What major news channel, if any, do you watch?
The Daily Show, its sad that fake news is more believable than the shit being propogated by Fox News and CNN.

14. Bill O'Reilly. Thoughts?
Into the chipper/shredder with his useless and highly irritating self. Toss in Rush, Coulter, Savage and Tucker Carlson (for being a shill and for that stupid bowtie) and you've got a lovely sloppy goo.

And there's goes my Cheese.
Venom 0
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