Powerless to Resist

Resistance is futile, Graydon will win you over in the end, he is just that cute, funny, spirited and joy-filled.

Last night's bath was a great photo opportunity and he didn't disappoint in anyway. He was hilarious, had a great time himself and I was able to capture some pretty excellent shots of him. These two are great because he's just having such a wonderful time playing and it doesn't hurt that there are some really cool water effects happening as well.

Every moment is a new photo opp, every exploration is him learning something new about the world, every second he is awake, he is learning, exploring, feeling, smelling, tasting (LOTS of tasting), hearing and seeing. He is inquisitive, obstinate and certainly doesn't mind letting you know when his dinner is a little late as he's got some major league pipes.

He's also the sweetest and most wonderful little boy I've ever met and my heart melts every time he crawls to me and into my lap to snuggle up to me or his mother. Or when he looks up after I've come home and sees me for the first time and his face just lights up with his grin. He's also added a new level of expression to his happy giggling where he'll pump his arms and legs madly and there's a heightened laugh as well. Its pretty darned adorable.
Venom +1