Notes for the SalesBots

As with most people who have a telephone in their office, I get calls from salespeople trying to "help" me every day. Some of them I know and have a working relationship with, some I know and buy their products and the majority are cold calling me and trying to get a foot in the door.

I've got no problems with people, its a part of the business process. If no one was selling then there would be no one buying and pretty much nothing would get done. Ever.

So sales is a necessary evil of the business process. Not a problem.

However, part of your sales pitch should not be that you really need the sale to make your numbers for the month. Sorry, totally irrelevant to me that you need the numbers and, in fact, you are teetering on the edge of trying to ask me for a favor in buying the service or product based on some presumed relationship/friendship. Which is almost certainly guaranteed to make me not buy from you and to actually go and pursue the same service or product from a competitor.

Don't ever, ever, ever try to play that "we're pals, right?" card unless you really are pals. This salesbot trying this ploy has never even met me in person. Bad idea and I can pretty much promise that I'm not gonna buy now. And its only partially because they took away my budget.
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