Next Up at the Steroid Hearings

Some found random ...
I don't think this guy is going to have any luck convincing the panel that he's all natural.

If my daughter ever even tried this outfit on, I'd lock her in a closet. And I ever caught the babysitter allowing my boy to do this, I would almost certainly lose my shit.

It will be a very cold day in hell before I take any beauty tips from this lovely specimen.

And this has me just thoroughly disturbed but at least its not an action shot.

Someone should let her know that this outfit isn't working. At. All.

Finally, I think this one might be the most disturbing of them all and I'm not really quite sure why it bothers me so. I mean, handicapped folks are just like you and me, 'cept they can't walk or something. Why wouldn't they like to shoot machine guns?
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