More Lessons from the Mickey Mouse House

Buying a house is always a crapshoot, just like buying a car. You want to believe that they treated it well, that they didn't abuse it, that they attended to repairs in a timely manner to prevent more damage. That they used quality materials in making those repairs, that they learned the proper techniques for affecting those repairs.

Heck, there's an assumption of some basic building guidelines that may not bear out in the real world. Little things like power outlets that don't let the plugs slip right out because they have no tension in them. Things like a mostly square downstairs, its only off by about an inch over twenty some odd feet.

Or, in this particular instance, windows and doorways that aren't quite up to a standard size. And, let me be the first to relate, buying a sliding glass door in non-standard size is one hell of a lot more expensive than a standard sized door. Like twice the cost of the standard sized door.

How do I know this tidbit? Because we now have a replacement slider on order and it was not an inexpensive purchase, nope. But it was totally required since the door we have now is swiftly approaching complete uselessness. I have to put all of my weight into moving it to move it now. P can't move it all most of the time. Thank goodness we have the doggy door in or Nande would have peed all over the floor by now.

But the good news is that we have a timetable, we have a schedule and we will have a nice, quality door to replace the piece of shit in there now. A low E door that will block something like 80% of the heat from the sun so the house will stay cooler and my little guy won't get a sunburn while watching Nande in the back yard.
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