Instant Comic Maker and Task Lists

Check out Comic Life to see a very cool new app for OS X (you must wait, XP users, hahahahaha!) that will allow anyone to turn their digital pictures into a comic strip, just like that.

I think I'll be playing around with this some next week. How cool would it be to be able to produce a one off comic strip of your recent vacation? I shall be letting you know just how cool when I can get some time to play around with this.

Actually, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a little while and, since I've got no time to write about other stuff, I'm going to post this and move on!

Don't think that there's not lots of action these days, I've got too much on my plate right now. Want to see the short list?
- start searching for a second dog for Nande to pal around with, Dogster: A Walk through the Dog Park is a good resource for this, as well as Craigslist
- get trim for new floor
- paint new trim for new floor
- cut new trim for new floor to size
- install new trim for new floor
- dig out the hillside near the fence
- start putting up the retaining wall
- design and construct stairway from fence to yard
- replace downstairs bathroom sink
- hook up water line for fridge
- finish baby-proofing house
- organize and clean garage (lots of mess from the flooring)
- clean office
- figure out a way to block Graydon's access to the stereo
- lots of electrical work to be done, including: adding switch in master bath, moving the switch from inside the closet to outside, adding dimmer switch to master bedroom, changing kitchen monster fluorescent for smaller one, more dimmers, replace switches, replace some outlets with better quality outlets
- more house work.

Maybe I should go and load this list into TadaLists so I can have a lovely RSS enabled list to follow me whereever I go. Thanks to Jay for the Tadalists connection.
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