I Guarantee the Irony is Lost on Her

So, the Queen of Undeserved Fame, Paris Hilton, is in a commercial for Carl's Jr. where she's washing a car in an ugly (but outrageously expensive) swimsuit thing. Its a dumb commercial for a bunch of reasons, mainly though because there's no fucking way the twitqueen would ever wash her own car. She's far too highbrow to get dirty cleaning a car unless someone's filming it and paying her lots of money. And its a stupid ad in anycase, what does washing a Bentley have to do with Carl's Jr.? The ad is Too Hot for Critics though because she shows a lot of skin and then basically makes out with a big hamburger (which I'm sure she spit out and then rinsed her mouth out to keep from ingesting any icky calories, ew!).

I will refrain from yet another screed about what a fucking pathetic waste of space she is. You already know it, we know it, but she'll keep being rammed into your eye sockets at every turn because she's got "juice" right now and they are going to milk her for it for as long as they can. Oh boy, all Paris all the time. I can feel myself becoming dumber and dumber.

And here, for all the searchers mostly likely looking for the unedited version of the commercial, Spicy Paris. Thanks to J for the link.
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