Hacking the Phishers

Tired of waiting for the law to catch up with technology and start to shut down some of the thousands of phishing sites out on the intarnets? Tired of scams?

Well so were these guys, Vigilante hackers use Old West tactics for cyberspace justice. Basically, they hack a phishing site and deface it so that anyone succumbing to one of their stupid attempts to steal information will be met with a page declaring that the site is scam.

The article points out that vigilantism generally doesn't end well. But in this instance, I don't see how it could screw things up anymore than what's currently happening. Identity theft is rampant and the law is years and years behind technology. It will never catch up and thousands of people a day are being duped and screwed by these scams. Its a serious problem but the legal hurdles to climb over make any global system of policing these phishing assholes will never happen. There will always places for them to hide and continue to steal identities.

These people are the bottom feeders of society and they should be aggressively hunted down, prosecuted and then tossed in prison for long, long stretches.
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