Fury is a Dangerous Drug

This story is sad, avoidable and really just tragic, Father Admits Killings where Jerry Hobbs, the new poster child for rage, admits he killed his daughter and her best friend.

This sick fuck stabbed these two young girls more than 30 times, repeatedly stabbing his own daughter in the neck and eyes. What in the fuck is wrong with you, you filthy disgusting bastard? You killed your child and, according to the article, you don't feel bad about it.

There aren't enough words to express my utter contempt for you. You are scum, you do not deserve to breath even one more breath. You deserve to die for your crimes or you deserve to be thrown in a dark hole and forgotten about forever.

Yes, you've got your issues and mental problems and I'm sure you had a shitty childhood and anger and rage are your first fallback emotions and I'm sure the list of your excuses goes on and on and on. But the, alleged, fact is that you murdered your child (technical term is filicide) and, for that, there is no excuse. You deserve to die.
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