Encounters at the Fruit Stand

This almost slipped my mind but is well worth a little post.

We went to one of the cool fruit stands near the house and stocked up on fruit and veggies for the week so P can juice and cleanse herself some as well as make some yummy foods for the little guy. By the way, I'll have to post a pic or two of the flat of strawberries we got, fresh, local and HUGE! Gotta love living in the cradle of strawberry production for the nation!

Anyway, we're shopping and there's a couple that's, um, being overly friendly with each other. Like stopping people from shopping so they can makeout some more. And these aren't young folks, these are adults, older than us by a good ten years at least.

I couldn't help but notice that the lady had a nice figure, hard to miss in the Daisy Dukes and pushup bra she had on. But, of course, that was the whole point. When I first heard her speak, a bell rang in my head as I knew that I knew the voice from somewhere.

Turns out, she's our ex-neighbor out on the town with her new guy, the one she committed adultery with in her, now, ex-husband's bed with. Nice. And she's behaving like a stupid little high school girl, fawning, giggling and carrying on. This is a woman with two (maybe three kids) in their teens.

P wouldn't speak to her because of what an utter bitch she was about the car ages ago now. I had no choice because she cornered us and we had to exchange pleasantries. And it was hard to not ask her really inappropriate questions, like "How did you divorce go?" and "So, did you want to get caught cheating on your husband or are you just impenetrably stupid and self-centered?" But I didn't. And only partially because her new guy is a cop.

And I left with the realization that, if you're going to cheat on your husband, cheat on him with a cop because there's not a damned thing he can do about it. Unless he's completely insane and would assault a cop, in which case, you were not long for this existence anyway. But still, strange, unseemly and really just kind of left me feeling mildly dirty and a little sad.
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