Beach Day

Nande and I finally got a chance to get back out to the beach this weekend. We were going to have a whole family outing but the timing didn't work out well with Graydon's afternoon nap on Saturday.

So it was just Nande and me on the way to the beach. You'd think the beaches out here would be pretty well packed on a gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS!) Saturday afternoon. And I was momentarily worried that there might not be any parking for us. But nope, there were two little spots left on either side of a behemoth SUV and we were able to slip into one and get ourselves in the sand.

One quick side note, our neighbor's kid borrowed our leash and collar last week and hasn't gotten around to returning them yet. Who borrows a collar? Its not like they have a puppy, their dog is like 16 years old or something. I walk Nande everyday and not having the right equipment makes things more difficult than they have to be. I think his borrowing privileges may be suspended for a little while after this.

Hidden Beach in Aptos is a really wonderful place to take Nande. I've only met one or two people who had a problem with her being off her leash and running free. The vast majority of people are very cool, they let their dogs play with Nande and I have met some interesting and very nice people.

On Saturday there were a couple of factors in our favor. The first was that it was beautiful out, warm, sunny, a light breeze. The second was that the water was warm, quite a bit warmer than I can remember it being. Which made being out in the water easy and fun. The third nice factor was that the tide was low so there was a long wide flat area where the waves were coming in slowly and breaking. This made it easy to get Nande out a ways from shore and not be too deep in the water.

The best thing about that was that, when another dog would come by, she would slog her way to shore, sniff the other dog and then come slogging back out to me. It helped tire her out alot more quickly.

The only downside to it being just me and Nande is that I don't really have much of an opportunity to take many pictures. I did snap a couple but I wasn't able to really concentrate on them. Maybe next time when P and Graydon come along too.

The only bummer thing about the beach day was when we were leaving (oh wait, I forgot about the big old dooper she dropped the second we got down on the sand and I'd forgotten some scooper bags, that was fun but luckily I found a used tupperware container to scoop it up and dispose of it). We were heading off the beach and Nande had, apparently, gotten some extra liquid in her somehow because it came out. And I will not go into further details because its making my stomach queasy just thinking about it. It was a strange ending to a really wonderful day at the beach with my pup.

I am looking forward to moving back closer to the beach in the next year or so. That and moving back closer to the neighborhood and our friends will be really nice. Upgrading our privacy will be just a huge bonus on top! Which reminds me, I need to get my feelers out on some land options. While P, at the same time, is out looking for a small patch of commercial space to open up shop but more on that later.
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