The Asshole Next Door

The office next to ours was unoccupied for many months after we first moved in. Then, a watermain got broken and the mortgage office downstairs got flooded (again) and decided they wanted to move to higher ground.

And that's fine except every single interaction I've had with anyone from the office has been from negative to downright fucking rude.

The main case in point is, I'm guessing, the manager of the office, who's an older guy with a look like he takes fashion tips from Art Garfunkel. For some reason, this guy glares at me everytime our paths cross. Today, as I was walking to Trader Joe's to get some lunch, he was walking up and he stared and glared at me the whole way. Its fucking bizarre. Its a passive anger and is pretty well the epitome of what assholery is.

So, the next time he pulls this shit. I'm going to stop, take my sunglasses off, look him squarely in the eye and ask him what his problem is. I haven't done anything to him and I'm sick of feeling like he's got some beef. If he just glares naturally then he should fucking learn another expression. If he's got some real issue with me then perhaps he should be a man about it and confront me directly.

Either way, the office seems to be populated by assholes and I would go a long way out of my way to never do business with them.
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