Vista Point and a Different Kind of Day Laborer

There's a vista point on my drive home along Highway 1 just a couple of miles north of Watsonville. It affords some pretty nice views of the bay from an elevated position and I'd been wanting to stop in and shoot a panorama for one of my Flickr groups.

Usually, I check over my shoulder as I drive up the large hill to approach the rest stop, if its exceptionally clear then I'll try to get over and get out to snap a few pics. Last night was gorgeous, no early fog anywhere on the coast, no low lying clouds, just a brilliant and sinking sun over the water.

So I pulled in and grabbed my digicam.

I should note that the only other time I've stopped at this particular vista point/rest stop was on the way home many months ago when the need to void was, um, excessive. They were still doing work on the bathrooms so they had Porta-Pots arranged.

I opened the first one that was unlocked and found a guy sitting inside, waiting.
For another guy to come in.
So that he could give them a blowjob.

Because I really had no interest, I excused myself and tried the next one, same thing. The third one was unoccupied and I was able to take care of the business I'd stopped in for.

And when I pulled back in yesterday, that episode played through my mind a couple of times and I wondered if there would be some kind of repeat. But the porta-pots were gone and there were only a couple of cars in the lot.

I'd also just seen a couple of girls walking towards the vista points with a couple of kids so I didn't expect much out of the ordinary. I stopped at the lower lookout and snapped a couple of pics but the trees were too tall and the view was pretty well obstructed.

I walked up to the top landing, expecting to see the two ladies and the two kids. But, instead, there were two guys hanging out. Each was leaning against the stone wall, about fifteen feet apart, definitely not together, definitely not sightseeing, definitely waiting for some "business", definitely not appealling in any way, shape or form (even if I were gay). I said hello to them and then jumped up on the stone wall on the far side to shoot my panorama. I could feel them watching me and wondering what the hell was going on and I could almost hear one of them worried about having their picture taken.

I shot the last of the six pictures to be stitched together, jumped down, nodded goodbye to them and headed on back down the path to my car. The pano turned out like shit because the sun was too low and glared out a third of the image and I will probably return to shoot it again. But I'll get there earlier in the day so the sun will be higher and maybe there won't be the commute hummer crew in attendance.

Part of me would have liked to sit down with and talk with either of these guys, to get an idea of what in the hell motivates them to hang out at vista points for random gay encounters. But I'm don't really know that I'd want to know the answer to questions like that. No judgments against them but damn, if I ever got to the point where I was hanging out at rest stops looking for some sex, I'd have to seriously re-evaluate my ambitions in life.
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