That Whole Pedophilia and Disgrace Thing is Behind You, Right?

Disgraced Cardinal Says Memorial Mass for Pope


This is about as sensible as having Charles "Fuckin'" Manson delivering the eulogy at Johnny Cochran's funeral. Why in the name of everything pretending to be good would you invite a disgraced kid-touching scumbag asshole "Poster child for the sex abuse scandal" to give the memorial mass for the Pope? But wait, there's more, he's also the guy who passed the pedophiles around to other parishs without reporting them. Why? Who the fuck could know how the mind of a sick kid molesting fuck thinks. The fact that he is free and not being stabbed to death in prison shows just how goddamned warped the church is.

Nice way to take a weedwhacker to the wounds that Cardinal Law inflicted upon the children in his church and all the others that he helped to screw by sending pedophilic priests all over. Nice way to show that the church will back its people regardless of their crimes against people or society. Nice.

Are they that fucking "out there" that they can't see that having Cardinal Law deliver the mass, they are effectively condoning his behaviour? That they, the church, is saying its okay to sodomize children? That, by consorting with pedophiles and sexual predators, you are associating yourself with criminals and scum?

Nice work, shit for brains. Maybe you can get the next Pope to publicly insult black people and Asians, that'll help boost your conversion rates, I'm sure.

And they don't seem to get that people are able to see this latest outrage and then their next declaration of permissible behaviour, see the inherent double standard they hold themselves too and then, on Sunday morning when its time to dud up and trudge off to church, that's why there are more and more people saying, "Meh, you know what? Fuck it."