Promotion by Resignation

When you reach a certain point, pretty much any action is better than no action. My lovely wife is delivering her resignation this afternoon because she has reached the absolute limits of her ability to continue to put on a happy face in her position. She's way overworked and her manager's head is buried deep in her own backside, she's so beleagured that she can't be bothered to give a damn about my wife's plight and repeat requests for help.

I won't write about the company now but I will be writing about them if and when she actually does sever her professional ties with them.

And this is the strange part. She doesn't actually want to leave the company but she can't continue in her current position. She's interviewed for many other positions but hasn't been hired away from her position yet. And her manager has not only not helped her attempts to move up with the company but has, seemingly, purposefully obstructed any movement away from her position. There are so many bizarre anamolies to her behaviour that I can't help but think there's some kind of personal issue she has with my wife.

I would like to do a little research to find out what other companies do when call volumes reach a certain level. Do they split the duties? Do they outsource some of those calls? Do they figure out how to redirect calls before they get to the front desk? Or do they just burn through their receptionists and tax them to the point where they give up?

It should be interesting to see how her resignation creates ripples through the company. She's been doing her job long enough that she's made some good friends in some high places. They will not be pleased to find out just how poorly managed she has been and how utterly cavalierly her problems have been treated.

But I can't get too deep into it until the ties have either been severed completely or she's been drawn into a department and out from under her pathetically under-qualified boss.