Opening Day

Just Another Day at the Park
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Lots of people don't care for baseball and that's fine, there are plenty of other things to be interested in. But I am a fan. I like the game, I like many of the players, I like the stats, I love the food and atmosphere at the park and love that baseball is the tapestry in front of which my life plays out.

Today is Opening Day for the Giants, as is tradition, they are opening the season against the LA Dodgers (boooooo, hiss, Dodgers SUCK!). Ether way the game goes, the season is about to be underway and that's a good thing.

I was tempted to skip work and head up to the city to soak in the festivities but I missed a day last week and there's too much work to be done today. But I will be there in spirit and will have the game on my radio.

The picture up there is from 9/11/2002, one year after the tragedy that destroyed the World Trade towers and part of the Pentagon and thrust us into this New World Order of terrorism.

But for today, its about Opening Day and enjoying the celebration and renewal of the seasons and the game.