Newsflash: 24 Sucks

I happened to return to my marvelous and brilliant Tivo the other night after it had spooled up with an episode of 24. I've been interested in the show for a while because of all the rave reviews that people have for it.

I like Kiefer Sutherland and think he's a pretty good actor overall. But I've gotta say, 24, the show, sucks ass badly. There were more plot holes and incredibly stupid mistakes in the fifteen minutes I did watch than in an entire season of La Femme Nikita. One shot kills, again and again, not bothering to remove weapons from near the now shot enemy, looking away from his free hand to listen to him, allowing a freshly captured and escaped agent to lead the assault, the list goes on and on and on.

Not having video for assault teams? Come on now, this is 2005. I can get a damned video camera and have it mounted on my shoulder to send a live feed anywhere in the world. These are supposed to be the best trained counter terrorists in America or something to that effect? Bullshit.

The detonator the bad guy took out of the lock box. It blew up just the hard drives? What the fuck? BLOW THE BUILDING, OSAMA! The building was stuffed full of your enemy and you didn't take the opportunity to kill them all? Hell, you had your main enemy held prisoner and allowed him to escape? Ever hear of something called hobbling? Are you fighting or are you engaging in a slapfight?

The show is terrible. Unless I'm supposed to suspend all understanding of reality and just think what a wicked awesome monster stud killing machine Jack Bauer is. He's got a hand gun against guys with machine guns and doesn't even get a scratch? These aren't teenagers high on modelling glue, these are fanatical nutjob terrorists who live to kill. They would not be wildly spraying their bullets all over, they'd be carefully aiming, firing and killing.

And what is up with the prison exercise yard stabbing attack on the one guy? A. They don't die that fast and B. they'd be able to get a few shots off and C. it was just a stupid addition to the scene and the show.

It was stupid and I'll never waste another minute of my time watching it. There's better stuff on, like reruns of the Simpsons.

Maybe I'm wrong though, are you a fan? Explain why you actually like the show.