My Hood During a FlyBy

Seabright from the Air
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Another picture from my nowhere near long enough aerial series from last summer. I've added quite a few notes to the image over on Flickr so, if you're inclined, head over and check out the details.

It is still on my list of things to do but, with the baby boy, the house, the dog and everything else, its very hard to commit to a couple of flights a month. And that's not even considering the expense of a couple of flights a month.

But its something I'm still quite keen on keeping working on. I'm still down with the idea of jumping from an airplane as well. And, I do have a a pal in the biz who would love to see me jump too. Maybe when she and her man move closer, it'll all come to fruition.

For now, I've got plenty of other stuff to keep me busy. We're installing the new living room floor this weekend and I've got some serious house projects to get underway.

To that end, J sent along the URL to a place called Tadalist that might help me stay on top of the ever shifting pile a little more easily. Especially since I can update the lists online easily.
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