Might As Well Poke My Eyes Out

Well, so far, the first day back in the office has been pretty much of a wash. Got in nice and early and wanted to hit the ground running, destroy my thousands of spams, catch up on all the coverage and basically get the week going.

But nope, I've been sitting and spinning since about 8:30 this morning because my computer decided, during my vacation, that it wasn't going to play nice with the router. Four hours later, I've been assigned a static IP address and have access again. But damn, what a bad way to get back on the ball, eh?

Only 2200 spams waiting to be deleted when I got in. It would have been nice to let Thundbird have at them before I had to hand delete them but XO's webmail interface pretty well sucks. So that was fun.

I've got my eyes and ears going now though so I'll be able to actually be productive for the rest of the day.

I'm waiting to hear back from my sister about publishing a couple of pics of her and my nephew. Nothing risque, just nice to check and make sure they have no qualms with internet fame. Beyond that, its almost business as usual. Press releases to write, coverage to collect, interviews to set and oversee and lots more PR fun that's just too damned boring to relate here.

It is nice to be back at work, I just wish I could have slept in for four hours and then come in. Oh well. I'll be having lunch with my wife and little boy soon so I'm sure that'll be lots of fun.