Microsoft Is a Queer Hating Corporation

Microsoft Caves on Gay Rights, Pressured by Evangelical Minister, Microsoft Withdraws Support for Civil Rights Bill, by Sandeep Kaushik (04/21/05).

Microsoft pulls their support for an anti-gay bill in the Washington senate because of pressure applied by an evangelical Christian pastor, that bill then fails and dies on the floor of the Senate.

Microsoft is not a company that anyone should willingly do business with. Not that I would willingly use their shitty products if I didn't absolutely have to. And that's part of the problem. Microsoft has sucked for years and yet, where are the viable alternatives to Office? Is StarOffice mature enough for widespread use?

Why hasn't Apple come out with a full suite of products yet? It shouldn't be that hard, they invented the spreadsheet for chrissake! They've got Keynote, they've got some of the other parts ready to go, let's bust it out, Steve. The world is literally begging for something else to use so that we can all let Microsoft and its shitty products and shitty philosophy.

There is a huge opportunity here, someone should be working night and day to capitalize on the desire for a whole world that would love a decent alternative to Microsoft and their bullshit.