Me and My Boy

Graydon and his Poppa
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He sure does a lot to make me look better. I look at this pic and see the little "tired" lines near the corner of my eye. I see the redness in my eyes and I see the perfection that is Graydon's skin.

His latest new trait is that he battles us to change him. He has perfected the "arch" and can now lever himself over from his back in about a quarter second. It is damned near impossible to get a diaper on a baby that refuses to stay on his back. And frustrating as hell when he won't stay still and you're changing him at 3 in the morning.

Graydon Enjoys Tub Time
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He also has developed a stiff legged speed crawl in addition to his regular style crawl. I've seen him race across a twenty foot wide room as quickly as I would walk it.

That and he has been learning how to eat Cheerios, that's always fun to watch.