Lucky Number 200,000

So it happened a few moments ago. Either a surfer looking for the Randy Johnson Bird Killing Fastball Video (it's very popular this season!) or the scads of surfers coming by looking for WalMart sucks information (here's a little more funny news, the guy who runs Alwayslowprices a WalMart fansite, has recieved a Cease and Desist letter from WalMart. They don't even want cheerleaders! Nice, eh?) or the third stream today is coming from the Maclean's blog article linking to the Memory Map picture and story below.

But, if you are surfing from sapient.com and you were on the site at 1:28 pm today. You are the 200,000 visitor to Intellectual Poison. Congratulations, you can come by and pick up your roses and gift certificate whenever is convenient.