The Long and Winding Road Home

It was a long day travelling yesterday, a good day but it was a long day, 27 hours to be exact, with the three time zone shift and all the hubbub.

Graydon was a magnificent traveller again. We had strangers on both flights letting us know that they were mightily impressed with what a great kid he was in the air. He made some noise during landings because his ears were popping but he barely cried and really slept a good four hours out of the total flying time. His rest made the day go so much easier its just not even possible to put into words clearly.

The funny (sort of) thing is that the most memorable part of the whole day took place while we were driving home from San Francisco where we were behind a drunk driver who was unable to successfully negotiate the connector ramp between Highway 101 and 85. He crashed his minivan into the concrete abuttment, shredded his front tire and sent a spray of plastic bits back into the road. He went back for more and bashed his car up some more before starting to swerve towards the shoulder on the right side. One car tried to sneak by on that side but was nearly hit by him.

When I saw he was coming to a stop and getting off the road (and was two lanes away), I moved around him quickly to get as much distance between him and us as possible. P, my lovely wife, disagreed with my decision but since I was driving, I got us around and away. And then we argued about it most of the rest of the way home which wasn't really the ending to the day I was looking for but what can you do?

We also called the CHP to let them know about the accident and I hope the guy was picked up before he could do any more damage to himself, his car or anyone else.

When we finally did get home, we had a huge and happy welcome from Nande who was almost winnying with joy at seeing us. And I was too amped to sleep so I added three drop down menus of links, inbound, outbound and archives to IP before finally succumbing.

Captiva was nice and we loved the time spent with the family. I'll write up more about the island, maybe even a formal review if I get a wild hair going. For now, its a foggy Sunday morning, we've got an amped baby boy and lots of unpacking, resting and catching up on our world out here.

It sure does feel nice to sleep in your own bed again though. Even if your dog is laying next to it and farting audibly.