It is Officially a Party

Well, almost officially a party, I guess. Isn't the old saw, its not a party until someone gets an eye put out? Or is it not a party until something gets broken?

That someone was nearly me. Instead, I have a lazy looking eyelid with a purplish bruise, some minor swelling and a sore browridge. Almost a poked out eye and almost a broken orbit.

It was an accident but an eminently avoidable accident. One of my nephews and I were playing in the pool and he got a little too, umm, vigorous in his retaliation of some squirting that had been going on. He grabbed a plastic scuba guy and hucked it at me, hard.

I saw it in time to close my eyes but that was about it and it damned near hit me square in the eye. As it is, I felt like an asshole because I got pissed off and swore a bit, not at him mind you, at the pain and the unnecessary-ness of it all. I know he felt bad, he didn't intend on hurting me but dang, who knew a 5 year old could throw that well?

We've also seen the first departure from the family vacation, the original 13 is now down to 9 and it still seems like a lot but its all good and tomorrow should be a lovely day.

As for me, I'm well and truly exhausted and in need of a good night's sleep so that is what I am going to and try to find.

[Update: This morning it looks like I put on some eyeliner upside down, a lovely purplish eye liner across the entire top of my eye. Lovely. I'm sure the airport security goons will love that.]