A Good Day

No, not more vacation fun to report. Today's a good day for a whole other reason altogether. Today's a good day because the Yankees are in last place with their vaunted $200 million dollar payroll, paired up with the lowly Devil Rays. And my Baltimore Orioles' are on top.

Now, I know there are alot of people who think the Red Sox are just as bad as the Yankees for spending so much on their team and creating an utter lack of parity in the league. But, according to One Stop Baseball's calculations, the Yankees payroll for 2005 stands at a truly astounding $208 million. The Red Sox have the second highest payroll in the league, its true but theirs is $85 million LESS at $123 million. Eighty five million more than the next team? Come the fuck on Steinbrenner. There are three teams with payrolls of more than $100 million and the Yankees are more than double the Mets' $101 million. In fact, once you get out of the top ten team payrolls, NONE OF THEM ARE HIGHER THAN $85 million.

Combine the five lowest payrolls in the league and you still have to make up $23 million to match the Yankees. Five teams. That's the Indians, the Brewers, Pirates, Royals and Devil Rays (who beat them today with a payroll almost one SEVENTH of the Yankees' bloated bullshit payroll). By the way, of those five teams, one has a worse record than the Yankees, the Pirates at 4 wins and 10 losses. The team with the 6th lowest payroll is in a virtual tie for the league lead in the AL East, the Blue Jays and that's cool. Buying championships is about as close to cheating as one can get and its fucking lame.

Any team that tries to buy a championship is run by assholes who don't care about the game, they just care about another fucking trophy.

And I hope they continue to suck all season.

And would Bud Selig either grow a goddamned spine or step down as commissioner so that someone can put a damned salary cap on the league so assholes like Steinbrenner can't just spend, spend, spend and ruin the game?

Or, better yet, how about salary weighted scoring? The Devil Rays have the lowest payroll, they're runs should be worth seven times the inflated Yankees' payroll. That would make for some real parity and pricks like Steinbrenner would actually have to work to get talent and value, not just spend like its going out of fucking style.

Salary weighted scoring. That IS my good idea for the week. Don't expect many more.

So, Ha Ha Ha to you Yankees dickfaces. I hope you end up in last place and Steinbrenner has a damned embollism because of it.