Further Site Tweaks

Some of you may have noticed the addition of three drop down menus below the links to other IP blogs. Please let me know if they do not function as advertised, I put them together very late the other night and thought I'd tested them all but you never know. They were also only tested in FireFox though because I do my damndest to never run Microsoft software on my machines.

I'm not totally thrilled with the site design right now, it feels like its becoming cluttered again. What I'd really like are some of those articulating triangles to open up menus or an on/off switch to show or not show links.

On an unrelated note, my eye has turned a quite lovely combination of purple and yellow as the bruise spreads out and heals slowly.

[Update: The drop downs were created with much information found on Draac.com. They have a bunch of good info and their motto is "Building a Better Internet", seems to be working so far!]