Flickr Rules!

Hi, my name is Johnny and I have a confession to make.....

I'm a Flickr addict. I love the community, I love the groups, I love being to wander through everyone's pictures and I especially love the chance to leave a comment letting them know if I liked their pic.

And I found out that Flickr loves me right back. Since I upgraded to my Pro account before the end of the beta, they have given me a few great gifts in return. Namely, they've doubled the length of my account from one year to two years. They've doubled my monthly upload capacity to 2 gigs (I think I've gotten to 10% of one gig in a month so far but its a nice gesture!) and, the best one of all, they've given me two free Pro accounts to give away!

This is a company that gets "it". They understand how to build community, how to foster growth and how to let their members know that they are appreciated and loved.

One of the Pro accounts is already spoken for and I may give the other to a friend who takes really excellent photos but doesn't share them beyond his blog, although he really should since he's got "the eye" for it.