Nothing like getting a notice of a certified letter waiting at the post office, being late into the office to be able to swing by and get it and then to find out that its just more paperwork as my grandmother's estate is slowly, slowly settled.

Three more days until the vacation begins and P officially becomes unemployed.

By the way, her boss's new tactic to try and keep the shit from sticking to her? She's now going to pursue a stress related leave of absence for my wife based on post partum depression. Which is just great really, its not that the requirements of the position have changed, its that she's nuts because she had a baby. That makes total sense. For a woman I've barely even met before, I am starting to harbor some pretty severe dislike for her tactics and methods. So much so that I may, once my wife is free and clear of the company, write a letter to her direct boss in an effort to shine a light on her poor managerial practices.

When P was telling me about her latest efforts to look good when she's been acting poorly, I came up with the perfect descriptive term for her and all the other corporate fucks who will screw over anyone in order to keep looking good. She's a Survival Weasel, anything she has to do in order to survive is acceptable to her. She may be really crappy at managing her staff but she is an excellent Survival Weasel.

Do you have any Survival Weasel's in your world? Share your tales!

PS. Suck on this Blogger, you tried to trash this post but I'd saved it to a Word Doc! Suck on that, you fucker!