There are several countdowns in motion this morning. The countdown to officially moving on to vacation time is a good one. I've got about nine and a half hours until I'm off the clock for a while. P's countdown to termination is also moving this morning, she's looking at becoming unemployed at 5 pm today. Its not a bad thing at all though, she either gets promoted to another position with her company or she has a great line on a position with a partner to her current company.

Then there's the countdown to departure with all of its own special issues. Flying is stressful nowadays and it gets moreso with an infant and I can't imagine how tough its going to be with an increasingly mobile infant. And we still haven't quite decided how we're going to play the car seat angle off. We can bring one of ours with us to use or chance the rental company's offerings.

Other countdowns include the settling of the estate but that's the clock they put in the detention rooms at high schools, it moves forward a second and then back a couple seconds and then forward a few until you think time's moving backwards. It'll get here eventually but watching the clock will make you nuts. Or me.

And then there are also the myriad errands and details to run before heading out to the airport tomorrow night. That's right, we're taking a red-eye across the country in the hopes that Graydon will sleep most of the time. Ebay auctions to ship out, cars to smog, health insurance to initiate, dog care directions to be written, Tivo schedules to update and more, I'm sure.

I know that I'll be pretty darned excited to finally set ourselves down in our seats tomorrow. And I'll be incredibly relieved to finally arrive in Florida to spend the week with my family.