Captiva Sunset Day Two

Captiva Sunset Day Two
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Yeah, we're suffering mightily here, the sun goes down, the sun comes up, the waves roll in, the wind blows. Its tough stuff.

This is from just about 100 feet from the house, right above the gulf. Day two was another provisions day with some beach time, some pool time, some quiet time and lots of shelling time.

Captiva and Sanibel are well known for being some of the best shelling beaches in the world. And the boys found some pretty interesting stuff last night. One of the finds is really pretty amazing and I'll be snapping pics of it later on to see if I can capture some of its curiousity.

The house is pretty well full. Aside from my little family, there's my brother's family of four, my sister's family of four and my mom and stepdad. Makes for a pretty raucous and loud house but its fun (until one of the kids breaks a toy or, heaven forbid, breaks one of the other kid's toys).