You're PreApproved! For an offer that you're ineligible for.

I graduated from college a couple of years ago and have some student loans that I've been paying off once the six month grace period ended. After a few months of writing three or four different checks to my loan companies, I consolidated the loans into one nice easy to see account.

The thing with student loan consolidation is that you can only do it once. And my loans have been consolidated. You'd think there might be some notification that the companies just aching to take over my loans would get, you'd think they'd keep track of what loans have and have not been consolidated. You'd think these moron companies would stop sending me Pre-Approved notices for offers that I'm not eligible for.

But no, they just keep on sending me more and more offers that I couldn't take advantage of, even if I wanted to. At least the telemarketers have finally given up.

I also really like the credit card companies that send their offers in very plain envelopes in the hopes that I'll open them and being totally blown away by their 22.94% interest rates (the mob only charges 20% so um yeah!). Pre-opened trash is just about as useful as post-open trash.

But then, I suppose its probably cheaper to flood the system rather than actually removing people that are ineligible. And maybe that's part of the problem?