Waiting for It to Make Sense

Waiting for It to Make Sense
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This is one of my newer pics, taken the other morning in the slough, and I didn't think much of it at the time.

But it has quickly become one of my favorite images I've created for one cool reason. Its my first ever photographic optical illusion.

Click on the pic, take a look at it big and tell me what you see. I see an incongruous image that doesn't make sense as you move from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Its a reasonable metaphor for today since Terri Schiavo has finally passed on and all those protestors can go back to whatever it is they do normally when they're not trying to grandstand on the national stage. I feel bad for her family and nothing but shame and anger for all of the posturing that asshats like George Bush, Tom DeLay, Jesse Jackson and Jeb Bush took part in.

And, on a more personal level, I'm in my own sort of optical illusion. As has happened many times over the last couple of years, I feel like my job is under the guillotine blade again. Nothing like expecting to get fired at any moment to pretty well kill any interest in getting shit done, eh?

And I kind of have a problem with looking back at gas being $2 a gallon with nostalgia. Cost me $12 to fill up my motorcycle this morning.
[Update: The news about how Michael Schiavo dealt with the end of Terri's life is pretty pisspoor behaviour. He kicked her family out of the room and denied them the chance to be with her as she passed. That's pretty cold, man. You may have had your reasons but I cannot imagine they trumped a family's right to be there at the very end.]