Now I Know We're In The Matrix

In what can only be considered an anamoly in the program, the Pope May Undergo Surgery to Implant Feeding Tube which ought to raise some very interesting questions. No?

Speculation and probably the truth underneath it all is that he (the Pope) isn't running the show anymore. He's got his cadre of Cardinals that are now going to pump life in and out of his body for as long as they can, because they can and because the Pope himself said it was murder to not keep life in a body for as long as possible (or something more or less to that effect, I don't pay attention to those religious types).

This way, they can run things and try to bring the church up to something resembling speed with the rest of the world. Or maybe they want to go the other way, I don't know but in this case, the feeding tube is a perfect means of attaining great power and keeping that power alive by machinery. One comment mentioned some Tibetan monks that carried out their dead leader's "instructions" for fifteen years after he'd died. That's not bad. I bet with some new Disney animatronics, they could embalm this Pope, put together a voice box and keep him alive forever.

It should raise some interesting debates on the news shows and I'm sure that Master Jon Stewart will have something witty and biting to say as well.

Irony is a bitter and metallic medicine, no?