Long Lost Cheese

A long lost Cheddar X, found and presented for your approval.

1. When did you last get yourself good and lost?
I didn't get really good and lost but my last trip to San Francisco, I made a left when I should have gone straight and had to go on a multiple mile loop to get back to where I was supposed to go. Its one thing that infuriates me about the city, one mistake and it'll cost you a half hour.

2. Did you stop and ask for directions or just drive until you found someplace you knew?
I kept going. I knew where I needed to be but traffic signs and traffic prevented me from realizing my goal.

3. How far out of your way have you gone because you didn't want to stop for directions?
On my first trip to the East Bay to visit my girlfriend years ago, I made the mistake of heading in the wrong direction on 680. I went about 30 to 40 miles before I finally gave in and pulled over to figure out where the hell I was.

4. What's the best place, person or thing you've found while lost?
A little Mexican restuarant in Guadalupe, Arizona just outside of Tempe. We were cruising, got lost, found this spot and ended up going back at least once a week for the next year and a half. Great, great tacos, excellent spiced carrots and cheap as cheap can be for poor college students.

5. Do you ever get yourself lost on purpose, just so you can find your way home?
When I first moved to Arizona, I would "outlast" my new pals and would be up at around 3 in the morning regularly. This was before ubiquitous Playstations and broadband internet so I had to find other ways to entertain myself. I would get on my mountain bike with the road slicks and pedal off in a direction for a half hour or so. I'd lose myself on back roads and neighborhoods and then would have to figure out how to find my way home. It was a great way to learn the city and I kept myself in superb shape.

6. When was the last time you were lost in the woods?
I don't generally get lost when I'm in the woods. I can get lost in a city pretty easily but getting lost in the woods isn't quite the same. There are almost always faraway landmarks that make it pretty straightforward to figure out where you are. The last time that comes to mind was back in 1988 when I was on a three month wilderness course, we were just learning how to navigate by topo map and compass. And we hadn't quite learned the ins and outs of the process so we walked about three times further than we should have.

And that's my cheese! Yahoo!