Let's Give Assholes More Airtime!

Capitalizing on his new found infamy and embracing the inner asshole, VH1 has added two new professional asshats to their bizarre and sometimes pretty funny reality show about pseudo-celebrities, Jose Canseco, Omarosa Join 'Surreal' Cast. Omarosa, if you don't recall her, was the bitch from the first season of Apprentice and I guess that one role has placed her on the same level as a king sized asshat like Canseco.

I will admit that I'm interested to see what kind of a self absorbed douchebag Canseco is on a daily basis. It doesn't mean I'll watch the show because I firmly believe in not rubbernecking at trainwrecks. But I am intriqued. I hope he commits an assault on camera and gets some nice prison time.

Oh, I could get the two birds with one stone deal since Bronson Pinchot is on the show (you know, Balky?). If Canseco would just pummel him into a red puddle that would be like multi-tasking the assholes out of the universe.