How to Fuck Your Kid's Life From the Start

Hey Parents, looking forward to embarrassing and screwing up your offspring's life? Too impatient or stupid to wait until they can walk or talk to parrot your pathetically ugly hate speech? Start them off as wrong as possible with a horrible, racist name!

The best way to really start your child off on the wrong foot is to give them a name that basically means "Fuck You" to someone. And so, with that in mind, I would like to introduce you all to little Aryan Justice.

Good luck with that one, little girl. And I hope that one day you are able to overcome your horrible name and disown your asshole parents for using you to scream their racism and hatred from the hospital's rooftops.

Have you ever noticed that the people who shout "White Power" the loudest are usually the dumbest numbnuts in the crowd?

[Update: But wait, there's more. Want to get a sense for the seething rage that rides shotgun on the hate train in this nation? Check out the birth announcement on Stormfront's Message Boards. The depth of hatred and ugliness in this country is pretty frightening when you get to see its fat underbelly.

And maybe its wrong of me but I do enjoy the irony of White Supremacists who can't spell.]