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One of my new pics of Graydon from the weekend where he was fascinated by the vacuum cleaner (who wouldn't be? Its a Dyson!). I could have actually gotten the shot through two sets of bars, his crib's and the doorway's but I thought that might be a little over the top.

Besides, I like the symmetry of this one quite a bit. He really is an amazing and special little guy.

And, as of this morning, he does not have an ear infection like we were thinking was possible. The teething has been keeping his mucus flowing and it occasionally blocks his eustachan tube and he's spent a fair amount of time recently just grabbing his ear. So I took him to Doc in a Box this morning to make sure.

He's healthy and well though so its off to daycare and off to the office for me.

And, for a change, its a wet and not gorgeous Monday morning.